Let the drooling begin!

These are Hershey bar and cheesecake filled chocolate cupcakes from www.alanskitchen.com with Amanda's delicious chocolate buttercream icing. (www.kevinandamanda.com - found under her Brownie Batter cupcakes recipie)

Fresh out of the oven!

The gooey delicious goodness within....

I have since made German Chocolate cupcakes which were great but not my favorite. I really love cupcakes with a gooey center so I tried to make potato chip cookie dough butter cake cupcakes with a vanilla/cream cheese buttercream icing with candied pecan chips.... sounds AMAZING right... WRONG! what a disappointment. Hours of prep turned into pretty dull cupcakes that ended up in the trashcan. I had fun creating them though with my lovely sister in law, Jennifer.

I'm not done creating though. My mom makes an AMAZING chewy fudge icing that I'm planning on filling some cupcakes with but I haven't decided what to top them with yet. Because Amanda's buttercream icing recipie is crazy good I think I may just stick with that one. I'll let you guys know how they turn out.

BTW I WILL learn how to make a word into a link. My friend Paula did her best to explain it to me but I just have been too lazy to truly figure it out, sorry guys.


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