How to create organized ribbon bins

Michael got tired of my old plastic recycling bin taking up space in HIS garage so I was presented with an ultimatum, either it goes in the trash or I find something to do with it.

I have a little ribbon addiction. I mean I have ribbon stashed everywhere, under beds, in closets, in the attic, etc. So I thought that what I needed was some way to organize my ribbon where it's easily accessible and visible, soooooo.... here's what I came up with.

What you'll need:
- wooden dowels
- either a plastic tub or plastic storage drawers
- dremmel
- table/jig saw

This is what the side of the bed in my guest bedroom looked like before:

My storage bin had different sized drawers so I knew that I wanted to use the top 2 drawers for my smaller sized ribbon and the bottom for all of my tulle. I opted to use the larger dowels in the bottom simply b/c the hole through a tulle spoole is quite large.

I knew that I wanted to run my dowels through the sides of the bins with a little overhang but with large enough holes that I could remove and add ribbon spools with ease, so first I measured each dowel to the length across the top of the drawers.

Each side had a small indentation so I knew that the little extra bit of dowel poking out of the sides wouldn't get caught in the bins.

I placed the dowels in the bin to gauge placement and used a marker to note the area that I needed to dremmel through on each side of the drawer.

After using a saw to cut the dowels, I used a dremmel to cut holes into the sides of the drawer large enough to slide the dowels through easily (I didn't have a proper dremmel bit for this, so my holes look pretty wonky)
Side view:

Top view:

All done! Organization makes me happy :)

I still have some ribbon in the attic and one tupperware container in my craft closet but overall it made a great improvement.

*Next up on my how-to series - How to organize your wrapping paper from a closet shelf*


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