My birthday cake

Each year for my birthday Michael bakes me a cake and sometimes even attempts to decorate it. This year he make me Paula Deen's Caramel Cake - delicious! Here's how that went:

In Michael's defense the icing sets really quickly. First he tried icing it with a spatula:

After he grew frustrated with that method he just moved onto spackeling it on with his fingers:

And here's the finished product:

The cake may have looked rough but the taste was amazing! Topped off with a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla icecream and it was pure heaven. Thanks babe!


Jessica Rudder said…
That looks delicious!

I'm impressed he pulled off a layer cake.

My husband baked brownies from scratch for our 1-month wedding anniversary (his idea, not mine).

The brownies tasted good, but, the frosting was an issue for him as well. He made a vanilla icing and tried to write Happy Anniversary. It looked something like this:


There's something about bad icing jobs that make the baked goods more memorable than perfect icing jobs ever could.
Therese said…
Do you know what, that cake looks like it was made with love. Better than any other type of cake!
Brandi said…
Impressive! My birthday is in May and I like Carmel cake too!
Vivarant said…
omg i have been dying to try that caramel cake! Now maybe i have the courage to try it. Happy Birthday to you!

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