A must try hair product

I have the finest, straightest hair in the world. It has NEVER held curl for more then 3 hours much less ALL day until now. I told my hairdresser that I love the look of soft curls that you can achieve with a flat iron but that mine never stay very long. She then told me about this amazing product below:
It's RUSK Thermal flat iron spray. And here's what you do at home.
First spray your entire head. (this is to show how well it holds. I just held my head upside down and sprayed and this is how it looked when I stood up)
Second: you brush through your hair. It will feel soft and supple like theren't no product in it.
Lastly curl with your 1" flat iron and this is the end result. I watched several (like EIGHT) youtube videos on how to curl your hair with a flat iron and with some practice now I feel pretty confident.
I just wanted to share this info with you guys in the blog world for anyone who has hair like mine but wants to achieve this look. Enjoy!


Paula said…
I DO have hair like yours, but since I cut it all off last year, I don't think that will work. :) Will share with my daughters though!

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