Sex trafficking of boys in an unlikely place

When I think of Afghanistan and sex trafficking I typically think only of the little girls that are married off to older men sometimes as young as 8 and 9 years of age. I never in a million years thought that such prudish men at the highest rank in the Afghan military and police force would each "own" a boy or boys to use as sex slaves.
As the video below shows they practice something called Bacha Bazi where a "master" find boys on the street or in poor provinces and basically buy the boys from their parents. They are then trained to sing and dance and of course provide "services" to the men who will be purchasing them. If a boy tries to escape he's killed. p.e.r.i.o.d. If he is difficult he's beaten into submission.

At bacha bazi parties the boys are dressed in women's clothing and then dance for a group of men who bid on them in the hopes of taking them home for the night for sex.
What I was shocked to find was that these are married men with children of their own and that so many of these men are men of wealth and power who seem to feel no shame/remorse for their actions. Ambitious men who are seeking to be up and comers feel like they HAVE to have a boy or else they will never be able to achieve the status of the higher ups so they also engage in the practice.

The video below is the best one I could find with a snipet of the film:

I wanted to share this with you guys b/c I know these human rights attrocities occur every day and I certainly don't want to stay ignorant to them. I HATE that there are children who have to endure this suffering and I HATE that there are adults who seem to have no problem perpetrating this kind of abuse, but if we don't know about it how can we stop it?!


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