Trying to be fancy...

My mom came home from the hospital yesterday after having a double masectomy and lymph node removal so I thought I'd be fancy and make the 2011 Southern Living winner of their "white cake" contest.
Here is a picture of what the cake is supposed to look like:

This is what my cake started off as.  Basically it's a layer of gingerbread cake with a silky chocolate ganache, then you top it off with toffee chips and do that 3 times then the icing is a whipped cream with ginger infusion.

I followed all the directions to the letter but alas when I tried to put my second layer on it fell apart.

Did I mention that this cake takes NINE hours to make!!!  Yea, I was furious that all my work ended in a hot mess.  In the end I had to salvage it I just threw it in a large bowl poured the whipped cream topping on  it, and made a "sort of" trifle.  It still tasted delicous but I was totally bummed.

So the lesson learned is NEVER make this cake again, and I would warn anyone else who's considering making this marathon cake to reconsider and go with something a bit easier.


Jenni said…
wishing your mama a speedy recovery!

bummer about the cake! all that work, just to have it collapse like that. ugh.
Christina said…
I loved this! This is so what my baking creations look like! It seems like women only blog about the things they are proud of and it can be intimidating reading and seeing everyone's perfections all of the time. Thanks for putting "real" out there.
Robbi said…
I just read about your mom. I have been on maternity leave and had to catch up on your blog. How is she doing? I pray recovery is going well. She will be in our prayers.

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