Some new photos...

Today we went to the Fort Worth Stockshow and had some fun looking at all the cute animals.

This goat lived up to the hype that goats will eat anything:

One of Texas' own Longhorns:

Ezra loved the baby chickens, that is until he stuck his  finger in the cage and got a little "pinch".

I think we have a photogenic goat here:

Here are a few more random pictures that I'm only just now posting...
Playing soldiers with Daddy.

Bubble fun:

I wonder what bubbles taste like?......

Lastly, here's quick photo of Libby's room in progress.  I finally finished the gallery wall, and was able to take down her old ceiling fan and install this new chandelier.  I also bought the bedding from Pottery Barn kids so.  I will be doing a post to break down the entire room once it's done or close to done but there are still lots of elements that I'm adding as I get the funds to do so :)


Paula said…
Wow, Ezra is getting so big... he looks so much older! I love your goat pictures... I just love goats.

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