Updated pics of my sponsor kiddos in Ethiopia

Once a year Karen Wistrom (a fellow adoptive mom and sponsor coordinator for Children's Hopechest) organizes a trip to Ethiopia so sponsor families like us can go and visit the children they sponsor and see the progress their making on the schools and other projects. This year I planned to go but we had a happy surprise in that we were selected to be Libby's adoptive parents so my plans quickly changed once she came to live with us a couple months before I was set to leave for Ethiopia.
Karen's group brings small care packages to each child and they are photographed opening them and looking at their goodies since some sponsors can't be there to see their reactions for themselves. I can't believe how much my kiddos have grown. Frehiwot looks like a teenager already :)

This is Frehiwot, he attends Trees of Glory care center:

This is my little Meskerem, she attends Kind Hearts care center. I was lucky enough to meet her in person when I went to Ethiopia 2 years ago:

If you are interested in learning more about Children's Hopechest or becoming a sponsor yourself please click HERE to visit Karen's blog to learn how.


Paula said…
Awesome! They are beautiful!

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