One month down...

So today is officially one month down of dieting and my grand total lost this month is 21.5 pounds.
I can definitly tell that I'm getting more in shape in terms of endurance during my elliptical work outs and I feel less "swollen" if that makes sense. 
After having my gall bladder removed I felt nauseated nearly every time I ate no matter what it was.  I have to say though that since I've been dieting I haven't had one bout of nausea and my skin looks amazing (not bragging here just stateing a noticable change).
I've gotten some questions about what I'm eating so I thought I'd address that here:
       So when I say no sugar, I just mean nothing made with added sugar like candy, cookies, drinks,etc.  I am still eating fruit which has natural sugars of course, but even then I use my Tap and Track app on the iphone 4 and make sure that I'm not eating too many calories from fruit.  I LOVE watermelon this time of year and I typically eat it with baked chicken as a "dessert" or as a snack in the afternoon.  2 cups of diced watermelon are 80 calories just FYI.  On the other hand 2 cups of apple slices are 113 calories!  So again knowledge is power in terms of planning your meals.  Especially if you're going to add fruit to salads, etc.  I just say this b/c I think for weight watchers fruit is NO points.  Now I don't do weight watchers so I don't know much about it but for what I'm doing which is just calorie counting and eating whole non-processed foods calories matter so everything is counted.
     Which brings me to the next thing people have asked me, basically I'm just eating "whole foods" or "clean foods".  I've heard it referred to different ways but basically I just eat things I prepare myself from whole/raw ingredients so I know exactly what goes into a recipe.  At least as much as possible.  Nothing from a box/bag/can. 
     That pretty much leaves me eating alot of salad, baked or rotisseried chicken/fish with sauteed (in a very small amount of olive oil) green beans/asparagus/mushrooms/zuccini/squash, things like that.  Of course that gets old quickly so I also supplement that with brown rice sushi, The Southwest Salad from Chick-fil-A (only 280 calories), Subway 6" turkey sandwich on wheat with just meat, bread, lettuce, and green peppers (250 calories) with apples add another 35 calories.  I also sometimes make ground turkey lettuce wraps (341 calories).  Don't forget if you go out to dinner you can request a print out of all the caloric information on their menu items.  I did this at Olive Garden when we went for a birthday dinner and I was able to find a DELICIOUS seafood stew called "Seafood Brodetta" that is 480 calories.  More then I usually eat for dinner but still much healthier then other options and it's a LOT of food so I didn't eat all of it anyway. 
    Last night I made a delicous weight watchers recipe for totilla soup.  The WHOLE POT is ~1200 calories!  This soup is VERY fillings and could probably feed me for about 4-5 days.  The only thing you have to add is the toppings which are also low calorie.  I loved it and so did Michael so I wanted to share it with you guys.  

Healthy Tortilla Soup
1- rotisserie chicken (natural) - shredded
1- 14 oz can of diced tomatoes
1- 4 oz can of diced green chilies
1- chopped zuccini
1- chopped red and yellow pepper
1- medium jar of salsa (~12 ounces)
3 cups of fat free chicken broth
1 Tbs. cumin
Salt to taste
Toppings: fat free sour cream, fat free cheddar cheese, avocado, baked tortilla strips/chips

I put all the ingredients except the toppings into a covered pot on medium-low heat for about an hour and just cooked down all the veggies and let all the flavors combine.  Then when you think it's ready enjoy and add toppings!
It's that easy!

Here's to the start of Month TWO!


Jenni said…
Wow! That is awesome! Congratulations on the loss and feeling better about you!

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