Some photos and a few digital freebies

This week Michael and I took Ezra down to Fossil Rim wildlife refuge in Glen Rose, TX. We like to make a yearly pilgrimage out there to see the animals which Ezra adores! I have more photos but only had time to make these few frames. I'll work on some more and post more freebies and photos later.  You can click on any image below to enlarge it.

To download the freebies to use yourself just click on the image of the empty frames and save to your computer then use any photo editing software to simply slide your photo underneath the .jpg file and presto! It's that easy!

After waiting in line for what felt like forever, Ezra was too scared to pet the giraffe so the only photo I got was this one with his big nose.
Our handsome boy with his million watt smile!
One of the very few photos I have with myself and Ezra.  I'm usually the one behind the lens :)
Making new friends :)


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