Two month dieting update

So I've been eating clean (almost 100%) and exercising for 2 months now.  So far my total weight loss is 34 pounds.  I only lost 13 pounds this month as opposed to the 21 of last month.  That's not surprising but what has surprised me is this past week or so.  I typically lose at least 1 pound every 3 days but the last week or more I haven't budged. 
I think I'm experiencing my first weight loss plateau and it's AWFUL!  I haven't really changed anything as far as caloric intake or exercise.  In fact I have been implementing more HIIT (high intensity interval training) into mywork out routine and have tried to be even more strict with eating clean (using unsweetened almond milk, eating quinoa instead of brown rice, supplementing with milled flax, etc.) but I have been losing and gaining back the same 2 pounds over a week now. 
It's super duper depressing since I feel like I'm busting my butt and NEVER cheat on my diet. 
From what I've read all I can do is just keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully it will end soon and I'll start dropping weight again.  I'm still 3 pounds shy of not being considered "obese" anymore and that is killing me to be so close.  I hate that I'm just striving to be "overweight". 
I have found some great recipes to share with you guys and will be posting those soon. 


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