Our Little Graduate

Ezra had his pre-school graduation ceremony a few weeks ago and it was adorable! I have to admit that when I heard they were having a ceremony I didn't know what to expect and I thought it was kind of cheesy... THEN I saw Ezra walk out onto the little makeshift stage in his cap and gown and I melted! They were sooooo darn cute!
Each child had his/her name called and they received a little diploma from their teacher. 

I mean seriously...how cute is this!!!  I love it!
Gommi, Papa, and Weston were there to cheer him on as well.  So now he'll be off to Kindergarten and I don't think this Mama's heart is ready for it.  He seems to be excited about this new transition in his life but I'm not ready to have him in school all week.  Usually he only goes 3 days a week and we spend the rest of the week together doing fun stuff.  I'll miss my best buddy :(


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