Family trip to Galveston for Mother's Day

For Mother's Day my mom, sister, and I all brought our families down to Galveston for the weekend.  The kiddos had a BLAST getting to spend time together.  Here Ezra and Weston are showing me their pirate faces at The Rainforest Café.

When we got back to the hotel room it wasn't long before a full blown pillow fight ensued!  I did feel bad for our neighbors in the next room but they were so cute!

Time to TACKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where's Ezra???

The boys adore their Uncle Weston (my brother) and always do their best to wear him out :)

When I told Ezra we were going to the aquarium this is how he came out of the room.  I guess he was planning to go for a swim with all the fish!

We had to be careful with Libby because she wanted to pick up EVERYTHING and then put her hands in her mouth!

Overall it was a great trip and the kiddos had fun playing together.  I forgot to charge my camera battery so I didn't get many more photos unfortunately.


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