Father's Day family fun time

For Father's Day weekend we initially wanted to do a little get-away to Fredericksburg but last minute planning left us with no real hotel options so instead we just decided to do a couple little
day-trip type things. We decided to visit a kid favorite, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glenn Rose, TX. We love the scenic landscapes and Ezra loves seeing all the animals. Libby had never been before so we thought it would be a fun first for her. Taking photos is REALLY hard when you're driving through the refuge b/c I have to basically hang out of my window to capture their expressions when they see all the animals but I did my best.
Ezra was afraid to let the animals take the food out of his hand at first, but he quickly warmed up to them and was all giggles when their soft lips would tickle his fingers.
Libby on the other hand was totally NOT into it.  She just wanted to do THIS...
and THIS...
and THIS.
Apparently you can never start driving practice too early.  She was doing everything she could to try and pry Michael's hands off of the steering wheel so she could do it all by herself.  I swear if I didn't know better I'd think she came out of MY womb!
This is why they tell you NOT to feed the zebras from your hands.  Look at those chompers - yikes!
Towards the end of the trip Libby finally started noticing that she was surrounded by animals and started to participate.
After we left Fossil Rim we went downtown and ate at a great little restaurant in an old historic home called Riverside CafĂ© or something like that and it was really good.  Followed by homemade pies and ice cream at another local place on the town square called The Pie Peddlers.  The pecan pie was the best Michael and I had ever tasted!  Even though Michael was ready to call it quits he sweetly obliged Ezra and myself to a trip to the Dinosaur Valley State Park.  They have fossilized dino tracks here that you can explore.  The water is usually much higher so it made seeing the tracks a bit easier but also took my plans to swim out of the picture.
Ezra was thrilled to find this big stick and had more fun playing with it then anything.  He would pretend to clean and jerk it and would say, "Mom, look I'm lifting my big weights!"  That's my boy!  He loves to watch weightlifting videos with me and I guess they're rubbing off :)


Carpenters said…
What a fun Father's day! I couldn't help but giggle at the metal picture of you hanging out your window. These pictures were so cute.
peach said…
your posts are heart touching<33
xx peach


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