Donation Day

Well I've spent most of my day off getting all of our donations organized into little "goodie bags". My big order from Oriental Trading came in so I've been having fun imagining the kids faces when they see their little surprises! I can't wait! There was another referral for a sibling group but no new boy referrals :( Knowing we're so close is super exciting but now the anxiety is at an all time high! I just can't wait for OUR phone to ring!


Sarah Beth said…
I am so glad that all of the toys came in from Oriental Trading! I am so proud of you and Micheal and all of your efforts to bring happiness into the lives of Ethiopian orphans.
I cannot wait to see our little man! I am so ready to be an aunt! I love you both, and I feel that the journey you and Michael are taking is very heroic. Love ya!

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