Feeling down in the dumps.....

Well I have to admit that I'm feeling really down today. I thought for sure when I woke up that there would be some referral action but nothing so far. It's almost September and still no news!!! That just means that we definitly won't be traveling until December :( Also one family that got a referral for a baby girl in July found out that she was taken to the hospital for pneumonia but died overnight. SO SAD! So now I'm trying to get antibiotics together to take to the transition home in the hopes that a tragedy like this may be prevented in the future. Please keep the Joner family in your prayers.
I started fasting last week and plan to continue until we get a referral. I keep having to remind myself that it's nothing compared to the sacrafice that Jesus made for us but it's HARD! I'm committed to doing all that I possibly can to get our baby boy! I'm also starting a shoe drive at our church to save "orphan soles" :) You should be able to read about it on my other blog for Holy Redeemer's young adults ministry holyredeemeryam.blogspot.com
Prayerfully my spirits will be lifted this week with some movement up the boy line.


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