Friday, August 1, 2008

First time blogger

Okay well I have NO idea what I'm doing making this blog so I appologize for the elementary quality. I am determined to figure out how to post photos, etc. Today is August 1st!!! Yea! I am hoping and praying that we get a referral (a match with a child in Ethiopia) this month. Since things seem to be moving more quickly I can only pray that we are one of the lucky August families that will hear good news. :)

On another note, I recently returned from a veterinary conference in New Orleans and let me just say it was good to be home. I'm really encouraged by how good the city looked just since the last time I was there. I was able to see Stephen, Meena, Maile, and my dad which was just great! I have to get back to work but I will try to post regularly and create at least a middle school worthy blog :)

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Meena said...

Hey Bec, pretty good. I don't think I'd be able to start a blog. Well, I voted and I'll save this website as a favorite. By the way, I was shopping -- just window shopping the other day and I found the cutest brand of dresses, called single dress. I went to the website,, very cute. I love the prints, but you know me, I try to stay away from prints b/c I get tired of them and you may not be able to wear them next season, especially when you're paying $270 for one dress. Are there any rules about blogging? Is this supposed to only be about Ezra or are you just supposed to put up new developments? Love you.