Friday, September 26, 2008

HIP HIP HORRAY for the Kulps!!

I just wanted to post that my fellow adoptive mom, Kim Kulp got a referral for a 4 month old baby boy! YEA! Hopefully we'll get to travel together since she's got a 3 year old and knows what to do unlike, me, the novice who will be trying my best not to go into "freak out" mode!

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Kimberly Kulp said...

Aww, Shucks Becky! Little old me in a post? This is another reason why you are my FAVORITE! I can't wait to tape your face when you hold little Ezra for the first time! I have been shopping like crazy and haven't spent any time actually doing his room! AHHH! Can't wait to book tickets with you all (hopefully!).