A sign from above, thank you Jesus!

Okay, so Michael and I were driving to go and check out the progress on our new church which is in the early building stages and I was just sitting and thinking about the Tennant referral and wondering what I would do if we didn't get a call next week, and we passed the local baptist church which usually has a sign out in front with a quote or psalm. WELL the sign today said,

"You will be heard this week." Ezra, 3

EZRA is the name we've chosen for our baby boy!!! If that alone isn't wild enough, the first line of Ezra, 3 is

"And when the SEVENTH month was come,......." Well according to Duni we are in our 7th month!

Lastly, the entire passage is about the building of the foundation for the temple, and we were on our way to see the foundation that's being laid for OUR church! I just really feel encouraged and refueled with this little "revelation" and I just hope that it may do the same for some of you waiting families.

We don't have a digital camera b/c Michael left ours at Wrigley Field in Chicago, BUT I will get a little disposable one and post a pic on our blog of our "sign".


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