Sad News....

Well guys it looks like we may not be getting our referral in September afterall. :( I'm soooo devastated and just sad. I'm still cautiously optimistic (which according to this book I'm reading is part of my Catholic upbringing) and I still trust in the goodness and miraculousness of the Lord that he can work miracles and make this happen for us.


Jori said…
Oh Becky ~ Hang in there! You know we have no other choice but know you are being prayed for and loved. We are all waiting for something at this point so you are not alone! :)
love jori
Jean said…
How incredible that the day after this post you have gotten your referral!!! Praise God ... the One who WAS and IS and IS to come! He alone is faithful!

Continueing to pray for you now as you wait for the court date!!

Blessings & Congrats!

DTE 080808
Danielle said…
How crazy that I go to your site after hearing news of your referral and see this post. God is so good! I'm glad he was probably smiling down on you saying, "Just you wait!" even as you wrote this! Blessings, Danielle

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