WE GOT OUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday since that's when I got "THE CALL" from Duni, our adoption coordinator. She called at around 4:30 or so which is really quite late for a referral call so I honestly thought she was calling with some sad news and not calling to tell me that I was a mom! So of course I was ELATED (screaming/jumping up and down/shaking) when she said, "it's good news, you have a baby!" WOW! So, they think he's nearly 3 months old, and he's a HUNK! He's got "melt me" eyes and these "dreamy" lips! I wish I could just reach through his picture and hold him and kiss him! Michael was also thrilled of course but he's not handleing the NEW wait that we have ahead of us very well. He's SOOO anxious to get over to Ethiopia and pick him up! I think we just sat and stared at his picture for an hour, then went and made lots of copies to mail to everyone (we can't post any on the blog until we pass court) then we went to dinner and afterwards stared at his pic for another hour or so. Then even though I'm off today, we woke up early and stared at his beautiful face some more! So I Fed-Exed our referral acceptance letter this afternoon so now we just wait for a successful court date and then we're OFF TO AFRICA! We tried showing Herman and Clovis (our dogs) his picture but they didn't seem to want anything to do with him, I think they're just jealous b/c he's so dreamy :)
The other families that are sooooo close are very much in our prayers. I also am so thankful for all the lovely people that have been praying for us and have been following our adoption journey these many months. Our prayers have been answered!


Jori said…
Congrats Becky ~ What a GOOD surprise!! Not sure how you finished working but hey .... :):) Praying for the court system to open up smoothly for eveyone! Come on MOWA and Miracle October!!!
alisa said…
Yea Burks!!! We'll be a first-time mommy & daddy, too! I know it must be so exciting...but, we're not far behind you! Maybe we'll even travel together!!!Alisa :)

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