doing great so far

i'm so excited to be here.  This morning i went out from the hotel after breakfast and walked to a piece of land where these shepherds were herding their goats.  they were really small and really cute!  of course I had to pet some of them, they got a kick out of me and they were joking with each other when i left so who knows what they told each other.  i'm waiting for Peter from Children's hope chest to come and pick me up to go south to see our kids.  i can't wait.  so far i have been VERY careful abut what i eat/drink and i  keep praying that God will keep me healthy b/c it's much funner being here when i feel good :)
sorry about the punctuation but this key board sticks really badly. 
I typed up a long post last night so i will try to upload that later on.  so far so good!  the staff here is great and very accomodating. 
i'm already SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lonesome!  i miss my boys sooo much.  i love you all and hopefully will write again soon. 

Becky Lee Burk


Valerie Z said…
How amazing! Stay safe and healthy! Can't wait to hear about everything!!!!

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