still doing well so far

So yesterday was a FULL day.  i went to kind hearts and met our kiddos and they were precious.  There was one little boy that i really gravitated toward and before I left they told me is name is EZRA!!! isn't that wild.  so far i have used 2 squat toilets! YUCK!  thank goodness i bring a roll of toilet paper with me everywhere just in case.  luckily from being here last year i know what to do with the bucket of water next to the hole in the ground :)
today i'm hiring a driver to take me to AHOPE and then maybe the fistula hospital or shopping.  i go to Mekele tomorrow afternoon.  i was so exhausted yesterday that i went to sleep at 4pm but kept waking up during the night so i was up at 4:30 when the Muslims started their prayers.  Yesterday i ate french toast for breakfast and pizza for lunch and i'm still feeling really good.  i immediately got car sick in the van but i put on my scopalamine patch and took some odansetron (spelling) and felt great after that.  The only bad thing is that the patch makes me REALLY thirsty so i keep having to pee alot which is no fun when your options are a hole in the ground or a bush.
gotta run

Becky Lee Burk


A&W said…
We named our son withthe birthname of Aaron ...Mekele, the city he is from! Looking forward to hearing about your visit there!

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