Leaving on a jet plane...

So since people have told me that they checked my blog to see when I'm leaving and they weren't sure it's WEDNESDAY!! Only 2 more days and then I'm outta here! YIKES!
I got some more donations yesterday from a parishioner at church which was wonderful but now I'm thinking I may have to add yet another bag to my already burgeoning luggage. I've got 4 large totes already and I'm really hesitant to take another one simply b/c I'll be traveling alone so I'm not sure how I'm going to manage with all of it and my 2 carry ons. We'll just have to wait and see I suppose. Now that I may be able to go and visit my sponsored child at Kind Hearts I think I'll bring lots of stuff there as well as AHOPE. My whole teaching schedule has been changed b/c they bumped up their final exams so I really don't know exactly what's going to happen there. The Dean said I may help with some research projects or do special seminars and technical training for the staff... who knows but I do know it will be an adventure and like Meena said, something magical always seems to happen when you travel with no set plans. Gotta run... still lots to get done.


alisa said…
How exciting!!! I know God will bless your trip in many, many ways!! Can't wait to hear about it!! We're sponsoring a little boy at Kind Hearts, too!!!

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