Mixed emotions...

First let me start this post by saying I just found out that Ezra had stepped on my NEW laptop and cracked the caseing that allows me to plug in my battery charger and flash drives!!!!! AARRGGHHHH!!! Praise the Lord that at least one "portal" still works so I should hopefully be able to use my flashdrive that my powerpoint presentation is saved on and my battery charger still works if I fenagle it a bit... geez... not what I wanted to see the night before I leave.
The second bit of bad news that I received is that Nepal does not allow couples to adopt who don't have proof of infertility. Super BUMMER as I have been really excited about the idea of a baby girl from Nepal. We'll see if anything changes over the next few months but everything there is at such a stand still the agency I called about that issue aren't accepting any more applicants for that program. She did tell me that they have several baby girls available in Kazakstan if anyone is interested.
My nerves are really kicking in now about the fact that I'll be leaving shortly for Africa. I can't wait to get there but I also don't want to leave my boys behind :( Plus trying to organize bill payments, paychecks, etc. while I'm away. It seems like just when I remember 1 thing I forgot to do something pops into my head and I start to get frazzled. I wouldn't care too much except I won't be easily reachable while in Ethiopia and the internet service there is so dicey.
Another bit of good and bad news is that I WILL be able to visit our sponsored child at Kind Hearts BUT we can't bring presents so as not to make the other kids jealous which I respect and understand but I'd already bought lots of stuff and had these backpacks embroidered for my and my sister's children. I'm praying that they will keep them and give them to the kids as an Easter present. I have LOTS of other donations to bring there though so I will be able to give them something, but I just wanted to see their little faces when they opened up their backpack of goodies. Also I won't be able to go to Adama where Ezra was found b/c it's about 2.5 hours outside of Addis and will cost me like $85.00 to get there and I just won't have the time :( So I guess I will save that trip for a time when we bring Ezra back to Ethiopia. I have to get back to packing. Please keep me in your prayers that everything goes smoothly and I don't have any flight drama.

The ambassador of cool, Mr. Ezra Burk :)


Becky said…
Nepal requires proof of infertility??? That is crazy!

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