For those who watch American Idol

Today I saw Casey James' dogs for their annual vaccines! I had seen them in 2008 when he brought them into the clinic but had NO recollection of meeting him before until today. Then as I'm realizing who these dogs belong to and I told the receptionist she said, "it makes sense now Burk, don't you remember coming out of the room and saying that you like boys with long hair" :) hahahaha
He's back in LA for the top 3 performances but I have to see his dog again in 14 days so maybe I'll get to see him again.


Andrea said…
AWESOME! He's been my pick since the beginning.

Tell him I said Hi. (Just Kidding)
you lucky girl!!!! he is such a hottie. i dig boys with long hair too. my hubby used to have long he has none:) i tell him i also dig the "sean connery" look too!

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