Nightmare morning!

This morning has been a doozey (spelling?). As many of you know I have been a single mom for the month since Michael is away at pilot training for the Navy. Trying to be good and multi-task this morning I put some clothes in the dryer quickly when I woke up and before I left was going to switch out the wet and dry clothes. When I checked the whites they were no longer white. Ezra had apparently put his colors in the dryer so now I have clothes/towels/socks that look like this:

EXCEPT the colors he chose to put in the dryer were brown and green so it looks like all the clothes have been dragged around in a cow pasture- if you know what I mean ;)

The rest of my dryer is filled with what you see below:

So after I scraped the melted crayons off the walls of my dryer and scrubbed the lent trap I went to get Ezra out of bed and both he and his bed were soaked in diarrhea - uggghhhhh! Had to just strip him in the bed and put him directly in the tub. Now I'm finally at work and I just want to go home :(


Becky said…
what a morning! hope the rest of your day gets better.
I hope you have a better week coming up. That totally stinks, Becky Lee.

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