Leaving the dark ages, and terrible twos!!!

Well today I decided to bite the bullet and go and get a new cell phone. Ezra had lovingly broken my cell and I'd been having to contort my wrist to hold it together while talking to someone to keep the top from falling off (yes it was a old style flip phone). I don't text, take pictures with my phone, or get onto the internet. I have always been of the mind set that I just need my phone to receive and make phone calls all the other techno babble stuff is WAY beyond me. Yet, today when I was in the Sprint store and found out I have been eligible for an upgrade for like a year and a half and started looking at all the phones the "cool kids" have I was sucked in. Now I have a brand spanking new touch pad phone but I still have to just keep pushing buttons randomly to get it to turn on, then push even more buttons to get it to unlock?!?!?!
Earlier a friend called and I couldn't figure out how to answer it and then when I did I couldn't get him off of speaker phone?? gosh... I miss my flip phone with like 2 buttons one red and one green. Green means 'talk', red means 'shut up please'... that's IT!

Also today Ezra has officially entered the "terrible twos"!! BIG TIME! He was so bad today at the Sprint store that I had to walk out with him 3 times while he was wailing/writhing on the floor. He has NEVER done anything like that before. I honestly didn't know what to do. At home I would have just let him throw a fit and ignored him so that he doesn't think that that kind of behavior is acknowledged however in public it was a different story. When I would try to pick him up he would immediately do whatever he could to 'launch' himself out of my arms and onto the floor. Even Super Grover didn't calm him down which is unheard of. This also happened after he, Herman, and Clovis tear off down the road this morning and left walking back home carrying a toddler and 2 dogs in my arms marching back to the house. Our neighbor screams at me from down the road, "when is Michael coming back?", then I scream, "not soon enough!!!"

This is Ezra as cowboy Super Grover :)


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