We CAN make a difference!

The proof is in the pudding :) In this case the check out these before and after photos of the kids we sponsor through Children's Hopechest at a care center called Kind Hearts in Ethiopia. Since traveling there in November of last year a fellow adoptive mom, Karen Wistrom, has been striving to get these kids sponsors so that they can have more then one meal a week served at their school, safe drinking water, latrines, to have books, and school uniforms and now even a playground :) The Kind Hearts sponsor families have made such a difference in these kids lives but we still have a long way to go. I was able to travel to meet my and my sister's sponsored kiddos in ET and saw first hand the bare bare bare center that is Kind Hearts. The toilet is a hole in the ground, the kitchen is a pot over a fire outside, lunch is a bowl of rice, and the playground is 2 rickety swings for over SIXTY kids (most of them are orphans). Now they are fed multiple meals a day with meat and injera, they will have a REAL playground, and now have uniforms! We are still a few hundred dollars from our goal and if you wish to make a donation please contact Karen on her blog
family-from-afar.blogspot.com or just go there to real more and see her beautiful family which includes 2 boys adopted from Ethiopia :)


The boy in the photo above is almost unrecognizable in the photo below! Good food and brand new clothes, and knowing someone care about you make a huge difference in his self worth and it shows outwardly.


The handsome boy at the center of this photo is Kenenisa my sister's sponsor child. I met him in January and he's just as cute in real life as he is here!


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