Fun finds for the people on your Christmas list.

If you haven't heard of uncommon goods, stop reading and go there now... well maybe wait until you get to the end of this post, but either way do it quick. I love this shop and all the fun finds.

Here are some of my favorites from the latest catalogue:

I LOVE these heads. I think they would look amazing in a modern boy's room/nursery.

I bought these socks for Libby in the jewel tones seen here as well as the pastel version. I LOVE them! so cute and very durable with little to no fading from washing.

The veterinarian in me couldn't resist these super cool pet blue prints. For most dog and cat breeds including mutts! I think these would look tres chic in a man's office.

Personalized family pillows! What a great idea for a cool chair. I love that you can include your pets too.

This is on my personal wish list. I love soup and a sandwich but there aren't any good plates so you wind up having to carry the bowl then the plate, plus your drink. This tray solves that problem beautifully.

I think these faux cork candles are fantastic! we're not big wine drinkers but I think they would add so much ambiance to a wine and cheese party or just a grown up get together.

These whiskey stones are a great idea for the man in your life. I know love the idea of the soapstone keeping the scotch cold w/o watering it down.


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