Must see movie

Apparently this movie came out in 2009 but I only heard of it recently thanks to Netflix and I finally watched it last night. The lead role is played by who I consider to be the most beautiful woman in the world, Ethiopian born model Liya Kebede.

Desert Flower is about the life of Somali born supermodel Waris Dirie. She was a victim of female genital mutilation at age 3 and was to be married at 10 or 11 to an old man in her village to become his 4th wife. Instead of succumbing to that fate she walked across the desert to Mogadishu to her grandmother's house. She then went to work as a maid for her aunt in London became homeless and then went on to become a supermodel who advocates against female circumsision.
Apparently some EIGHT THOUSAND little girls have the entirety of their genitalia cut off a DAY. Typically using rusty/dull razor blades the tissue is removed and then they are sewn up until they are married at which time their husband uses a knife to cut open the scar tissue to consumate the marriage. Many girls die from the proceedure either at the time of the surgery from blood loss or at child birth due to complications from the mutilation.
Sadly though I knew that FGM was in practice I had NO idea that it was still practiced in such numbers. I highly recommend everyone watch the film to find out ways you can help stop this practice.


Paula said…
definitely going to look for this movie. sorry about my lack of punctuation... i only have one hand free because new baby kitten is in my other arm.

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