Update on the kiddos

Ezra's FAVORITE song is "You are the best thing" by Ray Lamontagne. Ezra actually just calls it "best thing" as in, "Mom want the best thing, want the best thing mom" over and over and over and over and over. The second we get into the car he starts his request.
Click on the video below to hear it if you haven't already"

He also LOVES Adele. One of his favorites is "Rumor Has It". When he sings her songs he uses his "lady voice" it's soooooo darn cute!

Libby obviously hasn't expressed her musical preferences just yet. She does however have no problem letting me know when she's had enough floor play time and wants to be held which is pretty much constantly :)
Libby is quick with a smile and has the most amazing little coos and squeals. Ezra is crazy about his little sister and is already very protective of her. When her hair pieces fall off he's quick to try and put them back on. The name Ezra means "helper" and he has proven to be the epitome of that as he's been a huge help to me with Michael being gone.
Dressing a girl is a dream though my wallet is sad. I have never needed to know how to sew as badly as I do now with all the dress ideas I have in my head.
I love that we have a boy and a girl and I'm so thankful that Ezra has adjusted so well. Libby continues to grow everyday and she's such a blessing to our family.


Deena said…
Enjoy those sweet kiddos! I look forward to seeing your sweet girl's picture some time in the future. From a mom of a girly girl, I have to tell you that I love Naartjie.com- they have such cute clothes and they are not very expensive (i also love that they have a variety of clothes with the continent of Africa on them!)I also wanted to thank you for the awesome 'scentsy' goodies you sent. I LOVE it!!!!
Paula said…
Sounds like everything is going so well... I'm happy for you.

p.s. As to dressing little girls, your wallet should just be thankful you don't have twins. :)
Jenni said…
so happy to hear that everyone seems to be adjusting well!

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