A lunch date with Ezra to the Stockyards

Today the weather was cloudy and cold but Ezra and I needed to venture out to the Fort Worth stockyards to pick up some items for his cowboy Halloween costume.

We decided to stop and eat at H3 Ranch a great steakhouse along the main stretch of the stockyards.

Ezra enjoyed coloring the kid's menu while we waited.

Then we HAD to make a stop at a new cupcake shop off of Main Street near H3 called La Bella.

Their menu of cupcakes is a page long but they only offer a few specialty items a day and the menu alternates. Luckily today they had MAPLE BACON cupcakes! They blew my mind! I couldn't believe how delicious the bacon was with the sweet buttercream. This is a must stop shop. I encourage everyone to visit and try their sweet deliciousness.


Harders4 said…
Ezra is a beautiful child. After reading your facts about adopting from Ethiopia, he seems so sweetly unaware about any of those statistics and I think that's exactly how it should be! I love the quote about being the body of Christ! Thanks for inspiring me today! Wendy

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