Cheeseburgers in paradise!

Apparently I went temporarily insane last weekend because I woke up thinking, "oh it would be a GREAT idea to take the kids to the zoo while Michael is working..." Yeah, not so much! We made it through about 1/2 the zoo before I surrendered and called it quits but not before having some lunch which was the only time I was able to snap any photos of the kids. I wanted to post these because I feel these pictures so perfectly capture Libby's personality.

"I just smeared ketchup all over the table but you can't be mad because look at how cute I am!"
"I see you eyeing my french fries over there, don't even think about it!"
"Juice is SO yummy!"
"I can fit this WHOLE nugget in my mouth!"
Ezra on the other hand just wanted to be "a lion"...
I'm not sure why he thought lions eat paper.
The cutest darn lion I ever saw! 
Luckily we ran into a little boy who was splashing people with water and Ezra wanted to get in on the action and cool off a bit.
Aaaahhhh, now that's refreshing!


great pictures and the captions say it all. they are adorable.

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