Ezra's FIRST day of school!

Steps to follow to have a GREAT first day of school!
I was totally a mess over Ezra's first day of school.  Historically he's been VERY panicky with any new change, so I have to say I was expecting a total melt down where the teacher would have to peel him off of my body (this is what's happened in the past) but Ezra was a ROCK STAR!  He walked right into his Kindergarten classroom and didn't look back.  I was sooooo proud and filled with joy for his BIG moment but also a big blubbering bag of flesh and bone on the inside.  For the past 2 weeks I have been on the verge of tears when I think about our baby boy going to "big school".  I feel like we were just packing our bags to go to Africa to get him, how can it be that he's already enrolled in school???  All of the kiddos were so super duper cute with their backpacks 3/4 their size, being trailed by moms and dads with cameras, iphones, and camcorders.  I got to thinking about all the "firsts" that our children get to experience and I'm so glad that Michael and I were chosen to be mom and dad to this incredibly handsome boy so that we could share in these "firsts" with him.


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