Time away from the kiddos in Chicago

Michael and I were very lucky this summer and were able to travel to Chicago in order for me to attend a veterinary conference. Since part of my way was paid by the AVMA for me to be a moderator for the conference we jumped at the chance to have a little kid-free time. Of course after 2 days we were terribly lonesome and wished they were with us, but overall we loved Chicago and can't wait to take the kiddos back with us in 2017 when the conference will return there.

A client of mine said that we HAD to try Lou Malnati's pizza.  We waited about an hour for a table but it was quite delicious.  I have to say that Lou Malnati's is in our opinion MUCH better then Gino's pizza (another Chicago favorite). 

The architecture is varied and beautiful.  We took a architectural boat tour on the Chicago river and it was very interesting and also relaxing and cool because of the breeze on the water. I personally much rather the baroque style but some of the more modern buildings were also really neat when you're told about their planning/structure/etc. 
A great view of the Chicago River.  The girl in the photo was an innocent bystander that now will forever be immortalized on my blog :)  There were lots of people craning for this shot so I just snapped a pic when the bridge was sort of clear.
One of my favorite parts of our whole trip was a short jaunt to Millenium Park.  There's some really great art down there including the famous "bean".  If I were a better blogger I'd take the time to look up it's real name and the artist, but I am 1.  too lazy 2. blogging during nap time which is almost over so I have to get done what I can in a short amount of time.  "The Bean" was crazy awesome.  I could have spend an hour there just checking out all the reflections of the city and being mesmorized by the curves, etc. 
Michael and reflected off "the bean".
 "Peace out"
The sky line of Chicago reflected off of the back of the bean.
They have an amazing set of digital art/fountains/splash pad in the park.  These tiles are actually like little digital televisions and the image changes constantly.  There are several faces featured on the tiles. 
Kiddos stand under the mouths because every so often the face changes to an open mouth and the image "spits" water onto the splash pad.
There's another fountain down at the other end of the splash pad that I didn't photograph.
One of my most favorite things about Chicago vs. New York was all the beautifully potted plants.  There are planters EVERYWHERE.  One light poles lining the streets, in front of restaurants, buildings, etc. and they are brimming over with beautiful flowers.  I loved the color everywhere it was great. 
The only thing we didn't get to do was go and see a Cubs game because it was their off week :(  But hopefully next time we'll make it out to Wrigley Field.


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