First day of flag football (with freebies)

So yesterday was Ezra's first flag football practice. So far we haven't tried to put him in any organized sports because he's SUPER shy and his sensory processing issues get kicked into over drive when there are lots of people around but Michael really wanted to try so he signed him up. He LOVES football and football movies. Around the house it's not uncommon for him to just be hanging out wearing a football helmet but when he got to he field yesterday he panicked. So after quite a few tears and pried fingers off of our arms and legs he finally got into it and wanted to run around with the other little boys. I ran the obstacles with him and we let him try to take the flags off of us so he could be a part of the action without just throwing him to the wolves and he did seem to really like it. After we left he wanted to know when the next practice was and wanted to be sure that I saw that HE was the fasted and toughest little boy there.
So now we'll see how it goes and hopefully this will be a positive experience that will help him adjust quicker in social settings and let his athleticism grow. I'm including some digital freebies for you as well. Just click on the image to save to your computer then slip your own photos under the frames in photoshop.
The face of intimidation!


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