Combating the flu

Well I've been out of commission for almost 2 days now. I already felt sickly but then got hit hard and the doc says it's the flu. My fever started to rise pretty rapidly and I could not move. I kept telling my body to move and it just wouldn't - really scary. But I'm on bed rest and doing much much much better after some meds. I still don't have my voice back yet and still have GI issues but overall compared to where I was I'm feeling chipper. Not seeing Ezra for that time was killer. But I am with him now and changing and feeding him. I don't want to get him sicker but I also don't want him to think that someone else is his mommy. He's LOVING the Dr. Browns bottles and his exercauser! I wish I'd taken them with me to Addis instead of the Even flows. Now I have oodles of drop ins and no need for them. Michael's mom and sister and my mom and sister were here to help thank goodness but they are going home today which is VERY lucky for me that I'm doing better! Poor Michael has been thrown into this whole dad thing really fast and hard but he's doing a great job. The dogs also have been a dream with Ezra. Especially Herman who we were worried about the most. Herman wakes up before we do when Ezra cries and jumps off the bed and runs to his crib then when I pick him up and sit on the couch with him Herman jumps onto the couch and will lick his hands or try to lick his face. He's a great big brother! Clovis still looks at Ezra as a new toy and is a bit too rough with him but he's learning. I love my little boy and I am so excited for everyone about to take this journey or those contemplating adoption. It's such a blessing and I just couldn't be happier.


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