We leave TOMORROW!!!!

I can't sleep this morning... I'm soooo super anxious to get on that plane. The worst thing though is that we fly to Washington D.C, spend the night and then fly to Addis Friday morning soooooo that means that we have to check ALL 7 of our bags and rubbermaids then claim them in D.C and then check them all again the next morning. I'm soooo super dreading lugging these big totes around the city and into and out of taxis. BUT we only have to do it on the way there thank goodness. We also found out that we will be having our embassy appointment early since it's closed on Christmas Day which means we'll be really pressed for time at the transitional home and they've cut down our time to visit there significantly - yuck! My plan is to leave Ezra with Michael on Wednesday and go back to the home to get more pictures, video, and cuddle time with the kiddos there. Then Thursday we'll go to the orphanage where Ezra lived. Since we have 2 whole days in Addis to blow before we meet Ezra I'm thinking of going to the Mercado and the Fistula Hospital. These are 2 places that children aren't really good to have with you. It will be miserable knowing that Ezra is only miles away and we can't meet him, but I know it will happen eventually. Michael spent like 2 hours working on getting the camcorder to download onto our PC and thank goodness he got it to work so hopefully there are no glitches in ET. I also brought like a gazillion batteries for the camera and spent $100 for an extra camcorder battery. I think we're ready tech wise. I have to drop the dogs off with Missy today :( I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo going to miss Herman. Michael and I were loving on him alot last night since he won't be getting that much attention when Ezra comes home. Of course we'll miss Clovis as well, but Herman is our first born ;) I'm going to try to post a video of us trying to practice with the camcorder using Clovis in Ezra's swing outside. Keep us in your prayers that all goes off without a hitch. I'm really really nervous and I'm just trying to "rest in the Lord" knowing that he will be by my side throughout this whole trip and that he won't give me anything I can't handle. I can't wait to post daily (hopefully) and tell you all about your kids!


Rob and Candy said…
Safe travels! We'll see you Dec 27!
Danielle said…
HOW EXCITING! I just posted some info about Selah on the YG knowing you'd most definitely not check it before going. You will be in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas week! No kidding about it being torture to be in the same city with your son and yet not WITH him. AHHHH! The last leg of patience in this journey!!!
Love, Danielle

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