trial by fire

this may not work so I won't be long. First off, Merry Christmas to everyone at home and from my YG! It's so odd to think that it's Christmas here. We went to a service at Robel's church last night but the power went out so it was by candle light and we were trying to change diapers in pitch black... not fun :) The power has actually gone out several times here so bring flashlights for sure. I have a little pocket light that I keep in my purse and it came in really handy. I'm still feeling really sick/nauseous. I haven't really eaten a meal in like 3 days so I feel really weak and tired but I love being a mom and I love my boy! Michael is a great dad and is very helpful. Ezra has bonded to us really well and wakes up about 2-3 times during the night but is easy to put back to sleep. All of the babies at the TH can hold their own bottles so it makes it easy to put them to sleep. I love it here and wish I could just stay and work at the TH or Kids Care and be with them all the time, but I think I would weigh 100 pounds if I did! BRING NAUSEA meds!!! I only brought dramamine and it just makes me WAY too drowsy. The kids are wonderful and all the nannies/gate guards have such wonderful hearts. There are 35 babies at KC (I'd say 60% boys and 40% girls), 7 toddlers 2 boys and 5 girls, 15 older kids. A few of the babies are sick but they are all gorgeous! The toddler girls are also all beautiful! It's amazing! KC is actually smaller then the new TH compound!!! I was really surprised. Baby Stager is doing much better but still vomited a few times. Ezra's diarrhea is firming up some thank goodness, he also hasn't vomited since yesterday morning thank God! He hardly cries and when he does it's either he's hungry/wet/or is fighting off sleep. Semlows - your kids are amazing! They are just sooooo sweet and affectionate. K tried to climb onto our bus as a stowaway, A - kept calling me "mama" :( She is very jealous if another child wants to be on my lap! hahahaha She's definitly the boss of the toddlers! Chans - your man reminds me so much of Ezra, he's just sooo happy and loveable. Always smiling! Kulps and Martins- your men like to eat! They are rarely without a bottle in their mouths! Howleys and Joners - your girls are like little celebrities there. The nannies all want to have their pictures taken with them! S. is very quick to smile and giggle but once she sees the camera she looks confused. Sapps - your girl is amazing. She really just stole my heart. She's soooo affectionate, I told Meti to tell her that you are coming soon and that you are so excited to be her parents.
Sparrs - your girl is a dream, she showed me her photo book and pointed out and said "Isabella" to me several times. She will melt your heart. She's got on this little angelic dress and she totally fits the part.
Hall's your man is a real ham! he's such a treat and like to play outside a lot! Forrests - both of your kids just love to be loved. E is a prankster. He loves to play and be on your lap. He also wanted for me to read him a book. He plays well with the other kids. Savages - E was asleep every time we were there :( So I can't say too much about his personality. Blackwells - R. is such a treat. She's so smiley and want to play with the big kids but gets her feelings hurt easily when they want to take her toys or they won't share. She's a cuddle bug. There's a 3 year old toddler girl that will make some family very happy! she totally stole my heart! She's got an amazing smile and a wonderful spirit. She literally could be the Blackwell's daughter's sister. They look much the same. The 5 kids that were brought in the last time families were there are completely adjusted. The oldest (a boy) about 6 years maybe is usually the first to run to the other kids and tell them that we have arrived then they all run out to greet us with hugs and kisses.
The first night we changed Ezra's diaper he had projectile diarrhea onto Michael! Then later he vomited all over him! hahahaha so far I have been spared. I have to get back to the room. The embassy appt. went well w/o a hitch. We have all of our paperwork in order and are already all confirmed for our flights home.


lindseycay said…
Merry Christmas guys! I miss you and hope that you both get to feeling better soon. Tell my nephew I can not wait to meet him! Be careful and safe on your flight and I will see yall on Saturday. Love you! Linds
Danielle said…
Merry Christmas, Burk family! I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well, Becky. I'm so glad everything else seems to be going fairly smoothly and you've been spending time with your main little man :) I can't wait to see pics. Thanks for loving on S.! We are thankful you were able to post again--I've been stalking like crazy:) Love, Danielle

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