Sitting in the hotel in D.C

Hey guys! Well we're sitting in the hotel in Washington D.C now. We left Dallas at noon and got to our hotel here at 6:30pm. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to explore the city b/c we have to meet the shuttle at 5:20am tomorrow morning to head off to Ethiopia!!! We did NOT have a luggage friendly United employee. :(
We had to pay $375.00 for our extra luggage and for being over the weight limit. I'm not sure if we'll have to pay again for Ethiopian Airlines or not but I really really hope NOT. I was begging the guy, saying....but this is for orphans... and he didn't budge :( - boooooo
Lugging the bags/totes around has been easier then we expected though which is a lucky thing since Michael and I have been trying to stay positive and not take our frustrations out on each other. I'm bummed to see that there were no referrals today. You guys are in my prayers. I'm so ready to get this leg of our trip out of the way! I just want to be there.


Danielle said…
I'll be stalking like crazy, Becky! I feel so close to this group since so many of you were DTE with/around me. How exciting! Sorry about the luggage :( We'll talk to you on the flip side :)

Bethany Taylor said…
Becky, we're thinking and praying for you and Michael! I'm so excited to follow along on your journey. Thanks for loving on our precious kiddos!

-Bethany Taylor

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