Improving daily...

Just wanted to post to say that I am doing better every day. My voice is coming back well and I'm able to eat more and more. Ezra is doing LOTS of eating, it seems like he's actually eating round the clock. He's filling out so much already! I'm anxious to take him to my clinic today and put him on our baby scale to see how much he's gained since we left. We're trying to get him to eat the rice cereal but he's just not got the whole spoon thing figured out. I'm still not adjusted to Texas time and have been his enabler to keep waking up at 4am. I just try to stay up late but like last night I just couldn't so we all went to be at 6pm and woke up at 4am. We have GOT to get this boy on a better schedule. He is sleeping through the night though, only our night starts too early :)


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