The sickness prevails...

So I'm back to being bed ridden again. This time it's something to do with my GI tract. 2 days ago I had was completely normal except for my residual pink eye issues, then I had an intense wave of nausea and sharp pain in my gut. I went to lie down and then the whole body aches started so I knew my fever was coming back. Well it pretty much slopped at 101.5 but was non-responsive to Ibuprofen. I tried to go to work the next morning but nearly passed out in a room with a client and had to run to the bathroom like every 5 minutes. I had one of technicians rush me to the nearest doctor's office. They are running 7 different tests on me b/c of my chronic high fever and high white blood cell count. The doctor said that if I had an appendix I'd be going to surgery but since I've already had mine removed that made him more worried b/c of what else the cause could be. So right now we're waiting for test results and I have to go back today for a recheck. He may admit me to the hospital for a CT scan. I'm just worried that I picked up something weird in Africa, since I haven't really been normal since the day we got home. My gut pain is lessened luckily and my fever broke last night. Michael woke me up b/c I had produced enough sweat to coat our entire bed. I looked like I had taken a shower in my P.J's. I just feel guilty b/c I have had like no time with Ezra lately b/c in case this is contageous I don't want to give it to him and I have no strength. I can't even pick him up. :( Not good for a new mommy. So just keep us in your prayers that this will get figured out soon.


Steve and Anna said…
I am PRAYING!!! this is crazy and I would be wondering the same thing if I was you, if I picked something weird up in ET. I will pray God will reveal to the doctor's what is wrong. I am so sorry friend, this is so hard to go through! Your boy is so sweet and cute and getting so big too! I can imagine how hard it is to be sick and then not be able to care for him. That hurts! I will keep praying!
this is how Matthew has been ever since we got back from ET too! He's going to see an infectious disease specialist next week...if they figure it out I'll pass it along to you so you can get checked for whatever it is. I know how hard it is :(
beBOLDjen said…
I am so sorry to hear you're still unwell. I pray for answers and for your quick recovery!
Bless your heart Becky! Praying for you!
ethiHOPEia said…
So sorry to hear this news. We hope and pray the doctors find out how best to help you, soon!

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