Root canals.... YUCK

Well good news from yesterday. Ezra had his "head doctor" appointment and he does NOT have to have a band made for his skull. The doctor said that though he does have some abnormalities he is still w/in the normal range!! YEA!!! We are so excited! So since I knew we wouldn't be spending the $2K on the head helmet thingy I decided to go to the dentist and see about my 7 year old cavity! Well of course I needed a root canal so I had that done this morning. At least the first part. I had been in severe pain with it since we left for Ethiopia. Now at least that's 2 more things checked off the list. So next week we go to the infectious diseases specialist. Just working our way down the list, seeing my savings account dwindle
:( BUT good news is that 2 AWAA families have passed court yesterday and today! Hurray! Though my good friends the Semlows and Kulps still have not passed. They now have to start their paperwork all over and try again in a month or so. My heart just breaks for these 2 families and I ask that you please keep them in your prayers.


Chantelle said…
You have the cutest family! I have been following your blog for a month or so now and I am so happy you have yoru son home! How awesome! We are next in line for a referral of a baby girl with our agency! Can hardly wait!
Love reading other family's stories and it seems like you have an awesome one!
You son is ADORABLE!! ( I am sure you already know that!)
Chantelle Becking

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