We're back home - yea!!!

Okay so the idea to bring both dogs and our son to New Orleans was a mistake. I HATE leaving the dogs behind b/c something bad always happens. While we were in Ethiopia Clovis ate his Saint Francis medal that was hanging on his collar (which he also destroyed) and I had to do surgery to remove it. That's his SECOND stomach surgery. Herman on the other hand has such bad seperation anxiety that he will puke and poop pure blood. My car was packed to the brim. NEVER again. Herman had to sit on either mine or Michael's lap the entire time and Ezra would be good for about 3.5 hours at the most then he was bored and needed constant entertainment. Literally minutes after we got home Michael started looking for SUV's on Craig's List! I love my car and HATE to part with it (325i BMW 06' - I would recommend this car to everyone!!!!!) but there's just no way we can keep it now.
Ezra has his appointment with the "head doctor" tomorrow to see if he needs to get a little "helmet" type thing to try and round out his skull. It's a bit flat in the back from being left laying down in a crib all the time at the orphanage I'm assuming. So we'll see what they say. He would have to wear it 23 hours a day for 6-13 weeks!!! yikes! Then I am finally going to go to the dentist to see about this cavity that I've had for about 7-8 YEARS!!! It's becoming really really painful so I figure, okay.. you HAVE to get this seen about. I'm sooo bad about going to the doctor.
Sarah's wedding was beautiful and I LOVED being in New Orleans, it's just a magical place for me. The architecture is just "home" ya know. I was excited to take Ezra there and walk around with him but it was freezing cold so we couldn't stay out long b/c he'd get these LONG snot rockets hahahahahahahaha, and the dogs were trying to catch all the pigeons and getting tangled in each other and my legs. We'll go back when it's warmer w/o any furry friends. My dad finally got to meet Ezra and of course he was in love. On the way home he called and I told him that we were gonna have to get an SUV and he was like "now get whatever has side impact air bags and side impact roll bars b/c you have my grandson in there"... I'm like, okay dad, yes dad, whatever you say dad. Then we got to visit Michael's family in Shreveport and it seemed like almost everyone was there which was awesome! Ezra sort of freaked out at first but then the next day he was cool as a cucumber and loved all the attention! He pretty much kept his sleep schedule while we were there thank the Lord! He's such a great baby, we are just so lucky. Everyone says he should be a little baby model :) I have been thinking of his birth mother a lot lately. I don't even know if she's still alive or not and I just wish I could see her and hold her face in my hands and just thank her for the most amazing gift you could ever give another person.
On a sadder note my friends the Kulps and Semlows are in a real pickle with their court cases. The agency in Ethiopia that approves adoptions are NOW saying that they won't recognize the orphanage that their kids come from. This is their second attempt at court and it looks like it's not going to happen yet again! Guys I can not tell you how devastating this it. We've had our referrals since September and this means they may not have another chance at court until March!!! These kids NEED their families, so PLEASE pray hard for them. Also this is going to be the Joner family's second time at court as well and they are one of the families who's first baby they were referred died from pneumonia at the transition home. These families HAVE to pass!!! We need every prayer warrior we can get!!


Hey Becky, my nephew had to wear a helmet too to "fix" the shape of his head - it's not too bad from what my sister-in-law says. they look so cute too! You are a trooper for taking your animals but I soo understand! My cats hate when we leave so I'm having my parents live in our house since they know them :) We always have cat-sitters when we're away - they are our babies too! Just a bit hairier than Micah will be :)

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