Cleaning Day..

Well since I worked yesterday and my mother in law and sister in law were in town I got no housework done the last few days and let me tell you... with 2 dogs living in the house in the Texas heat, there is A LOT of hair! Geez... I am still amazed at how much hair they can shed daily. So this morning I was terrible but my OCD kicked in and I asked Michael if I could skip church to start my marathon "spring cleaning". So far so good. I just reorganized Ezra's closet and chest of drawers trying to clean out all the too small stuff and next I'm going to tackle the mountain of laundry and ironing. We went to the Fort Worth Arts Festival yesterday and Michael forgot both Ezra's stroller and Baby Bjorn (I met him straight after work) so my arms are already KILLING me from lugging around all of his wiggly 22 pounds. We had a good time and I saw a few other transracial families which always makes me smile. Of course Ezra was a little ladies man and got several oohs and aaahs ;) My friend Kim Kulp is HOME with Micah!!! I'm so excited for their adoption journey to be over for now. But my other friend Sherry Semlow FINALLY goes to court April 23rd so keep her in your prayers please. She got her referral at the same time as Kim and I for 3 siblings and they have been in he transition home for I believe a YEAR!
Here are a few new pics of Ezra playing Peek-a-boo on the stairs with Michael.


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