Little helper...

As I type this Ezra is sitting on my lap trying to "help" me typ6--> the "6" is courtesy of Ezra. Geez... we couldn't wait for him to start crawling and now I'm like... noooooooooo!!!!! hahahaha. He was so bad at church today I had to walk out into the lobby area and he was sitting up playing with a palm leaf (Palm Sunday and all) and he fell and cracked his head on the concrete floor and he was wailing. Michael comes running wondering why he's screaming bloody murder and I'm the embarrased/guilty feeling mom trying my best to divert his attention to get him to stop screaming. Poor thing. Of course he's fine now and back to his exploring ways. Here are a few new pics of our little guy! He's just getting too big too fast :)


Ahhhh, sounds like something that will happen to me very soon -- I'm still so baby-akward!! :)))
He's sooo handsome!
What a cutie! Watch out- before you know it, he will be walking!!!
Steve and Anna said…
He is so handsome! I love hearing updates about the cute Ezra...isn't fun that we are having these moments now? even when they are embarrassing!? We are still rooting for David to crawl...I know I will be in your shoes soon!

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