I am because we are...

So with Ezra's first birthday coming up in June I decided to ask that people make a donation to An Orphan's Ticket Home as opposed to getting him presents. I made this little montage to show why it is so important that we remember the people of Ethiopia daily.

View this montage created at One True Media
Montage of Ethiopia


Great idea Becky- and great montage!
Apryl said…
Watching that made me so sad. I don't know if I should have felt nostalgic, I thought several times of how wonderful the pictures captured the atmosphere, but still felt so overwhelmed and sad. Thank you for sharing it--I imagine it will bring action from many people.

We did the same thing--donations--for Ella's first birthday home with us. She was still so confused, I knew she wouldn't understand, we gave her a trike and mailed a HUGE box to her orphanage in Ukraine. Probably should do that every year...though she's old enough she would have caught on :)

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