He is RISEN!!!

Ezra and Papa Eddy

Ezra and Gammi

Well it was a rainy Easter for us in Fort Worth but fun all the same. We enjoyed a full mass WITH Ezra (usually one of us has to duck out early b/c he's too loud or fussy) but today he was wonderful so it was a blessing to be able to enjoy such a wonderful celebration. Then we went to my mom's house for lunch and we then took my cousins to to see Monsters vs. Aliens (which was pretty cute). I'm super excited b/c 11 of our AWAA families get to meet their kids tomorrow!!! I just still remember so vividly meeting Ezra for the first time and the anticipation driving up to the gate of the transition home. I can't wait to blog stalk and hear all about it. Reading their blogs so far the common theme is the love that the families immediately feel for their childrens' birth country. I have to say that I was the exact same way.. I don't know if it was a God thing, or a reflection of my love for Ezra but the minute I set food in Ethiopia I was just elated. I loved it there and didn't want to have to leave. Of course I could live without the traffic and the pollution but overall it just felt like home to me. I think that's why it's hard for me to consider adopting again from somewhere else. Michael really feels drawn to South America but my heart is in Africa. I know the Lord's plan for us will be revealed but for now we're just loving on Ezra and are sooo happy to be parents.
In the pictures below you'll see what we from south Louisiana call "pokking eggs". Basically two people compete to see who's egg is the strongest. It's a lot of fun with younger kids especially when someone tries to be sneaky and use a goose or guinea egg. I just thought I'd include these pics so people could get a little bit of Cajun culture.


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