Funny man...

So it's only 9:30am and already Ezra had just cracked us up. The first thing he did was in our bed there's a space b/w the mattress and the head board so if you look down the "space" you can see through to the floor. Well Ezra was hanging out with me while I was checking my e-mail and he kept saying "down, down" and was looking through the space and I said, "what's down there buddy" and he said "Big Bird". I have had Michael confirm that no, in fact there is not an 8 foot bird muppet under our bed :)
So we're all hanging out in bed and Ezra uses my skin to grab a hold of and pull himself up - OUCH! So when I yelped and told him no, that he hurt Mommy. So he put on a frown, slid off of our bed, walked out of the room, but then came back for his final insult which was to close the door behind him. :)
On a side note, I'm getting really excited about adopting from the DRC.

I keep hearing great things about this group of volunteers called Our Family Adoptions that work for families adopting from the DRC and there are no program fees which helps out a lot. The foster to adopt side of things is basically almost free and we would have a child quicker but I do feel so strongly called to Africa that I'd be abandoning a child there. I'm so excited to see who the Lord has in mind for our family!


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